Алфавит, Part 1

To start things off… You need to make an account on Memrise.com and either use the web version or download the app. As you start this endeavor/series, there is one course in particular which is the best way I have found so far to learn the alphabet, and it will transition you into learning vocabulary, it’s called “Learn Basic Russian“.

Depending on how serious you are about learning Russian, you may want to buy keyboard stickers and install the appropriate language pack so you can type in Russian (rather than constantly going through Google translate, which is a bit irritating if you do it a lot).

Russian/English Keyboard
Russian/English Keyboard

After you have read through this section (Алфавит) in your Golosa Textbook, and listened to the corresponding audio files (found here), then you can move on to the next bits of homework, seen below.


  1. Memrise.com course “Learn Basic Russian”, lessons 1-4:
  2. Memrise.com course “Russian Handwriting”, all lessons:

Learning and practicing your handwriting:

  1. Powerpoint detailing and introducing Russian handwriting:
  2. Interactive lecture teaching Russian handwriting:
  3. Russian cursive writing practice sheet (only individual letters):
  4. Great video going over the written alphabet and their sounds, try writing them on your practice sheet as she goes over them:

  5. Fun vintage video from the early 60’s of Americans being taught to speak Russian:
  6. A similar video but is more recent, using graphics:

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