Урок 1 – Немного о себе, Part 1

After you have read through this section (Урок 1 – Немного о себе) in your Golosa Textbook, and listened to the corresponding audio files (found here), then you can move on to the next bits of homework, seen below.


Practice reading these place names aloud in Russian:


Алфавит, Testing

Exercises associated with the book, Golosa Book 1.

  1. Names of people and places – Quiz on Reading Russian Characters (from Auburn University)
  2. Dictation Exercise 1 (via the UCLA course)
  3. Dictation Exercise 2 (via the UCLA course)
  4. Dictation Exercise 3 (via the UCLA course)
  5. Reading Exercise 1
  6. Test over the letters and sounds they make (via Cram, thanks to Portland Community College)
  7. Golosa Alphabet Lesson Vocabulary (use the flashcards for a refresher, and increase the number of questions for more of a challenge)

Алфавит, Part 4

Now for Review…

Go through the following lessons on Learn Russian Step by Step to make sure you fully grasp the sounds for the Russian alphabet. No worries, these are short and it’s very easy to complete these in one sitting.

  1. 001 – Russian vowels: А, О, У, Э, Ы

  2. 002 – Russian vowels: Я, Ё, Ю, Е, И

  3. 003 – Russian consonants (1st. part)

  4. 004 – Russian consonants (2nd. part)

  5. 005 – Hard sign (Ъ) and soft sign (Ь)

  6. And one more… An overview of the whole alphabet which also includes another overview of the handwritten alphabet.

Next, you’ll go to another site for review, this will be utilizing the website RussianFORfree.com. Each of the lessons listed includes a short quiz at the end to help reinforce the knowledge. Since these help as a review the quiz should be helpful. These pages also teach you a bit more about the rules associated with each letter.

  1. An overview of the whole alphabet
  2. How to read Russian, Lesson 2
  3. How to read Russian, Lesson 3
  4. How to read Russian, Lesson 4
  5. How to read Russian, Lesson 5
  6. How to read Russian, Lesson 6

And a fun little video about the alphabet to go with all that reviewing and quizzing.

Алфавит, Part 2

More handwriting practice…

From the course Beginner’s Russian, Learning to Communicate in Russian – UCLA class with all online resources and excellently put together (does not use Golosa, but still provides great material).

  1. Russian Letters: Group 1 View demo
  2. Russian Letters: Group 2 View demo
  3. Russian Letters: Group 3 View demo
  4. Russian Letters: Group 4 View demo
  5. Russian Letters: Group 5 View demo
  6. Russian Letters: Group 6 View demo

More Homework…

  1. Memrise.com course “Learn Basic Russian”, lessons 5-6:

The Story of Эрик

Read the text silently as you listen to the recording. The Russian words in context will help you match up the new Russian letters with their sounds.

Эрик Кац was born in Даллас in the штат of Техас, but after high школа, he became a студент in a small колледж in Нью-Йорк. His main интерес was Russian area studies, and he was fascinated by everything having to do with Россия: as a freshman, he signed up forкурсы in русская литература, история, политология, география, философия, музыка, and культура. He read all the Russian классики: Пушкин, Достоевский, Толстой, and Чехов.

Эрик also took courses in русский язык. To practice his русский язык, Эрик visited all sorts of русские вебсайты on the Интернет. There he read русские журналы and газеты, listened to русское радио and watched русское телевидение. He also rented lots of русские видеофильмы.

Эрик was especially interested in русская история, from the time of the all-powerful цари, like Пётр I through the период of коммунизм under Soviet rulers such as Ленин, Сталин, Хрущёв, and Брежнев to those under whom Россия moved towards the West: Горбачёв,Ельцин, and Путин.

In his senior year, Эрик traveled to Россия and spent the семестр in Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Волгоград, and Воронеж. After the spring семестр ended in май, Эрик left Россия and spent all summer – all июнь, июль, and август traveling around Центральная Азия. In countries as remote as Казахстан, Узбекистан, Таджикистан, and even far-off Кыргызстан, Эрик found that he could communicate with just about everyone using his русский язык.

Before leaving Россия, Эрик invited his new friend Анна to visit him in Америка. Эрик wanted Анна to see Даллас, where his мама, папа, and сестра lived. And of course, Анна wanted to travel all around the США: from Бостон to Вашингтон, from Чикаго to Атланта andМайами, and then on to Хьюстон, Лос-Анджелес, Сан-Франциско, and Сиэтл.

After returning to Америка, and after Анна came to visit, Эрик finished his studies and considered a future карьера, perhaps as a журналист or a профессор or as a бизнес-консультант for firms dealing with Россия and Центральная Азия. With his solid knowledge ofрусский язык and русская культура, Эрик knew that he would find many opportunities.

*Taken from the Companion Website to Голоса

And a fun little video about the sounds animals make in Russian:

Алфавит, Part 3

ActivityOne hundred Russian street signs to get used to seeing the Russian words and letters.

“The Russian words in the following list are all written with the Cyrillic alphabet but if you read them carefully, one word at a time, from top to bottom beginning at the top of the left-hand column, by the time you reach the final word in the lower right-hand corner, you will know the Cyrillic alphabet (as well as a few Russian words). Use the Greek letters you may already know to help.”*

мама granny’s kid вулкан a geological zit
папа the other granny’s kid табак avoid this
акт part of a play бар an urban oasis
парк a rest area банан(а) fruit with appeal
порт any is fine in a storm балет home of the tu-tu
террор Stalin’s forte публика John Q.’s last name
метеор falling star парламент British legislature
доктор has infinite patients крокодил Capt. Hook’s nemesis
трактор what farmers ride президент US head honcho
термометр it has a lot of degrees физика a natural science
математика the unnatural science базар a bizarre market
Америка Yuwessov, A. кризис a major problem
Арктика go there for goosebumps виза you need it to travel
радио it talks and rocks визит the shorter the better
радиатор a source of warmth фантазия like, unreal!
драма unfunny stuff формула chemical recipe
Африка a major continent апрель a springy month
факт something undeniable культура I ain’t got none of it
фронт put up a good one календарь where you get dates
танк heavy-duty vehicle техника technical stuff
патент protector of inventions механик the car-fixer
Антарктика opposite of Арктика характер personality
капитан the boat’s boss хоккей ice game
митинг let’s all get together медицина does good; tastes bad
план a good idea циник stick-in-the-mud
гранит a hard stone цемент heavy stuff
грамм European measure цифр figures
гол where you score цивилизация results of civil engineering?
металл heavy stuff Вашингтон Gridlocksville, USA
телефон distant sound machine машина mechanical device
телеграф Western Union галоши rubbers
телеграмма a wire шарлатан an insincere guy
лампа it sheds much light Хрущёв former Party chief
ангел a feathered friend борщ Russian soup
Италия the boot country экспорт take it away!
Германия Reunited at last! эскалатор the way upstairs
Англия Hail Brittania! экватор some like it hot
армия big bunch of fighters поэт writes pomes
салат uncooked greens Югославия former Balkan nation
аспирин headache med’cine юмор Russian Program forte
сигара product of Cuba бюрократ Soviet deadwood
министр government official нюанс it’s easy to miss
сенат US deadwood branch мираж it’s not what it seems
сенатор US political deadwood журнал a magazine
система organization журналист a журнал worker
сигнал it let’s you know жасмин tea flower
авиатор a flyer Женева Swiss city
ветеран s/he’s been around жакет goes with a tie
витамин health pills жираф an excellent necker
веранда where Southern belles sit чемпион the guy with the gold
вампир suave blood-sucker Шанхай city in China
Волга famous Russian river Нью Йорк The Big [Red Fruit]
студент an easy job май another spring month
университет sports-fraternity complex гейзер a worthless gusher
аудитория a good place to spectate Чайковский big Russky composer
литература like, uh, novels & pomes музыка tunes
август a summery month шашлык shishkabob

*Taken from An On-line Interactive Russian Reference Grammar at http://www.alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/ 

Алфавит, Part 1

To start things off… You need to make an account on Memrise.com and either use the web version or download the app. As you start this endeavor/series, there is one course in particular which is the best way I have found so far to learn the alphabet, and it will transition you into learning vocabulary, it’s called “Learn Basic Russian“.

Depending on how serious you are about learning Russian, you may want to buy keyboard stickers and install the appropriate language pack so you can type in Russian (rather than constantly going through Google translate, which is a bit irritating if you do it a lot).

Russian/English Keyboard
Russian/English Keyboard

After you have read through this section (Алфавит) in your Golosa Textbook, and listened to the corresponding audio files (found here), then you can move on to the next bits of homework, seen below.


  1. Memrise.com course “Learn Basic Russian”, lessons 1-4:
  2. Memrise.com course “Russian Handwriting”, all lessons:

Learning and practicing your handwriting:

  1. Powerpoint detailing and introducing Russian handwriting:
  2. Interactive lecture teaching Russian handwriting:
  3. Russian cursive writing practice sheet (only individual letters):
  4. Great video going over the written alphabet and their sounds, try writing them on your practice sheet as she goes over them:

  5. Fun vintage video from the early 60’s of Americans being taught to speak Russian:
  6. A similar video but is more recent, using graphics:

Going to gather my self-study lessons here

I use the textbook Golosa, Book 1. I have scoured the internets and as far as I can tell this is the #1 textbook used in Russian language classrooms in Universities across the US.

I don’t have a copy of the Student Activities Manual and I am not in any class right now so I have turned my efforts toward the world wide web to find supplementary materials. I am not always the most organized so I figured placing it on this blog would help keep everything together as I move along since I have so many resources to pull from.

You, the reader, can follow along if you like and feel free to leave comments.