Resources for Learning Russian


Stage 1. Basic Russian Courses – I would suggest starting here, it is very user friendly and they explain everything really well!
Hand writing the Russian alphabet – A link to a powerpoint from this website, created to teach you to write the Russian alphabet script
Russian – Learning the alphabet, via
Learn Russian Step by Step – Free online Russian grammar and vocabulary lessons for beginners – Another excellent resource, this page talks about suggestions for self study.
A Russian course on reddit, similar to what I am making here, including resources and suggestions on how to go about it.

Stage 2.

Website for Golosa, The Companion Website to the Textbook
A class schedule for a Russian 101 class at the University of Alabama which uses Golosa Book 1 (and exercises for this course can be found here)
Another excellent class schedule which uses Golosa Book 1 and the SAM exercises.
One of the best resources to go along with the Golosa Textbook and Interactive website, although this site has been taken down, you can still access it by utilizing the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine”
First Year Russian course with all online resources using Golosa Book 1.
Tatiana’s Russian 101 course with detailed class schedule using Golosa Book 1 (here is her main website with links to the rest of her classes)
Auburn University’s Exercises online for Golosa, Book 1
Grammar Exercises online for Golosa, Book 1 (an older version can be found here)
Beginner’s Russian, Learning to Communicate in Russian – UCLA class with all online resources and excellently put together (does not use Golosa, but still provides great material) reference materials (some of which you have to pay for, but not all of them) – Provides some interactive vocabulary tests
Russian Grammar Exercises via

Once you feel ready, try taking the test to see what your level is! Linden & Denz has a free test you can take online.
Or, go here and download this practice test for the first level.

Stage 3.

Once you’ve finished the coursework for the first half of the book, you can move on to Russian 102, slightly more advanced, but still beginner.
Tatiana’s Russian 102 course with class schedule included.
Another Russian 102: Elementary Russian II class – through Alabama University (here is the Professor’s web page with the rest of his classes included)
CeLT – Center for Language Technology, Russian archive (and the older version, here)
Beginning Russian Through Film – A very old Cornell Course (almost ten years old) with all resources online for watching films in Russian, to gain listening practice (requires QuickTime player to run the videos in your browser)
Life on the Atomic River – A documentary with resources similar to the videos above.
Everyday Russian – A bit more advanced lessons about grammar and vocabulary with excellent audio

Here are two video resources which include a link to watch a movie in Russian, without subtitles, but gives you access to the transcript, gives scene descriptions, and also includes English glosses:

  1. ОЛИГАРХ (Tycoon)
  2. ПАПА (Papa or Daddy)

Stage 4.

Mini-Videos for Learners of Intermediate Russian – short excerpts from a sitcom, no subtitles, so save this when you are more advanced.
Russian 230: Introduction to Russian Literature in Translation
Russ 351 (Russ Conversation & Writing)
Russian Podcast for advanced learners – ОЧЕНЬ по-РУССКИ